Postcards - Wolsztyn 1993

In 1993 I went travelling around Europe's railways with a friend on an Interrail ticket. "There's some steam engines at Wolsztyn in Poland", he said, so we headed there. I was expecting a museum of some sort, but what we found was a railway depot full of live steam engines, responsible for the normal passenger and freight trains in the surrounding area. Wow!

A double-deck train hauled by a diesel loco passes by.

The following morning we headed to the back of the hotel to see Ty2-406 thundering past on a local freight service.

A steam-hauled passenger train leaves Wolsztyn.

Ol49-59 prepares to leave Sulechow with a train back to Wolsztyn. If I remember correctly I spent a very pleasant hour or so sat in the open doorway you can see on the left, with my feet on the step, as we trundled through rural scenery in glorious sunshine.

We crossed this service hauled by Tkt48-143 at Kargowa.

You can still go and see (and drive) steam engines at Wolsztyn, see The Wolsztyn Experience, maybe one day I'll go back.
May 1993

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