Postcards from Pittsburgh - September 2000

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We took a trip to Kennywood on the last weekend of the 2000 season and got very wet on this ride!
3 September 2000

Some more of the rides at Kennywood.
3 September 2000

A couple of shots of trams (Known locally as trolleys, despite the fact that they have pantographs!) on Pittsburgh's "T" system, at Washington Junction and at the end of the line at Library.
For more information on the history and current operations of this interesting system try here.
4 September 2000

More trams. At South Hills Junction we see an outbound 42S service crossing the excessively complex trackwork, and a 52 Allentown service reversing on the stub of the old Overbrook route (Re-opening is planned for 2004).
On the right, the rare sight of a tram at Penn Station on a Saturday.
9 September 2000

Pittsburgh Architecture

Modern Towers. From left to right: CSX Tower, United Steelworkers' Building, 5th Avenue Place and the Gateway Centre.
17 September 2000

Pittsburgh Plate Glass ("PPG") Place is dominated by the glass clad PPG Tower and surrounded by other shorter buildings in the same style. The main tower is reputed to have been modelled on the Palace of Westminster in London.
17 September 2000

A couple of churches. On the left, two shots of St Benedict's and I forget the name of the other one.
17 September 2000

The Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail, including the "Bridge of Sighs" across Ross Street.
17 September 2000

Kaufmann's Clock is a well known landmark half way along Fifth Avenue.
17 September 2000

Three sports stadia stand in a row on the north shore of the Allegheny River:
On the left, two pictures of the Steelers' new football stadium under construction.
In the middle, the Three Rivers Stadium, present home of the Steelers and the Pirates, which is to be demolished in 2001.
And on the right, two pictures of PNC Park, the Pirates' new baseball stadium just one car park up river from their old home. The first game here is scheduled for 9 April 2001.
By the way, some of this construction work is being paid for out of my taxes!
17 September 2000

I visited the Indianapolis Speedway, home of the world famous "Indy 500", to watch the return of Formula One to the USA. Not much opportunity for photography but here's a few shots through the fence, one from the parade of drivers (in the rain) and two during the actual race.
24 September 2000

I went on a pleasant cruise down the Allegheny River.
30 September 2000

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