Postcards from Pittsburgh - November 2000

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One of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous works, this house was designed in 1935 for the Kaufmann family, and is now looked after by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Interior photography is not permitted on the tour, but here are a few shots of the outside of this fascinating building.
5 November 2000

Rochester PA
A brief visit to this small town in Western Pennsylvania found a number of interesting buildings:
From left to right, the sadly neglected Oriental Theatre, the former high school, and churches old and new.
11 November 2000

On our continuing tour of Pittsburgh's architecture we visit St Stephens Church in Glen Hazel.
12 November 2000

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Another piece of splendid architecture, containing some excellent museum displays.
12 November 2000

Light Up Night
This annual Pittsburgh celebration of the beginning of the holiday season includes the lighting of Christmas trees and a firework display amongst other things.
17 November 2000

Also unveiled on light up night was this life-size nativity scene (somewhat marred in my opinion by the extremely naff "musac") and a tree-shaped decoration on the corner of the Old Navy clothing shop.
19 November 2000

Washington Union Station
A Thanksgiving Holiday rail trip away started with a coach ride instead of a train to Washington D.C. because of a freight train derailment. The coach got me to the imposing edifice that is Union Station three hours more quickly than the train would have done!
23 November 2000

Ashland, Virginia
I spent the night in this small town which has a nice array of buildings on the college campus by the station.
24 November 2000

Newport News, Virginia
This oddly named town has a rather good war museum where I found this tank. The main activity of the town seems to be Newport News Shipbuilding who were working on what appeared to be an aircraft carrier, with a liner of some sort behind. Plinthed outside their main offices is one of their older products.
24 November 2000

Philadelphia, PA
My final stop was at the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. The external picture doesn't really do the building justice I'm afraid. On the right is a local service departing from the high level platforms.
25 November 2000

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