Postcards from Pittsburgh - November 2001

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Phipps Conservatory
This large array of greenhouses hidden in Pittsburgh's Schenley Park has a wonderful botanical collection. Here's just a tiny selection.
21 October 2001

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

I took a trip to Washington, PA to re-visit this pleasant tram museum. They have a large collection of cars in various stages of restoration, and this one took us on a ride through the countryside.
4 November 2001

New T Station
Back in Pittsburgh, a new station opened on the "T" tram system. There was a rather nice cake to celebrate.
16 November 2001

Washington D.C.

Arlington Cemetery
I started my tour of Washington D.C. across the river in Arlington, Virginia, at Arlington National Cemetery. Here is the Marines Memorial, the Amphitheatre at the tomb of the unknown soldiers, and a view of just a few of the 245,000 graves.
23 November 2001

Lincoln Memorial
He's got an impressive view along the reflecting pool to the Washington Monument.
23 November 2001

No Entry!
Tourists are no longer allowed inside the White House or the Capitol, so I had to content myself with exterior shots.
23 November 2001

The Library of Congress
Despite (or perhaps because of) being designed by a committee, this building has a splendid, if somewhat over-the-top interior, and I went on a fascinating tour. These pictures don't really do it justice, I'm afraid. Amongst the items on display is this Gutenberg Bible. They've also got an interesting rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, with annotations and corrections.
One interesting story about the interior decor: When planning a refurbishment of the decorated ceilings a few years ago the experts budgeted for a large quantity of silver leaf. When they actually got up there they found the silvery metal was in fact aluminium, which would have much more expensive at the time the decoration was installed.
23 November 2001

The Pentagon
Back in Virginia, I got as close as I could to the heavily guarded Pentagon building.
25 November 2001

I travelled about the area on the modern Metro system.
24 November 2001

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