Postcards from Las Vegas

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Casinos on the Strip
The familiar sign outside the Frontier, a pirate ship outside Treasure Island, the MGM Grand, and Paris.
7 November 2001

The Venetian has a large square and a canal with gondolas, all indoors (those clouds are painted on the roof). On the right is a small part of the decorated ceiling.
7 November 2001

The Stratosphere
At the top of this tower is a viewing gallery offering superb views of Las Vegas, a bar, a revolving restaurant and a roller coaster, which I rode. There's also a vertical ride up the "spike".
8 November 2001

In the Hilton Hotel we found Star Trek's "Quark's Bar" where we chatted with Klingons and drank beers from around the galaxy!
8 November 2001

An Egyptian theme for this pyramid-shaped hotel and casino.
9 November 2001

New York New York.
9 November 2001

Downtown Las Vegas
Away from the strip in the original town centre we found the largest gold nugget in the world, in the Golden Nugget casino, and the oldest hotel in Vegas, the Golden Gate.
9 November 2001

The Hoover Dam

We took a coach trip to see this famous landmark.
10 November 2001

Happy Birthday!
The trip to Vegas was to celebrate my fortieth birthday. Here's just one of the presents I received - a rather special Everton shirt.
9 November 2001

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