Postcards from Pittsburgh - January 2002

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New Orleans

The Big Easy is, of course, famous for its buildings. Here's a couple of shots of the famous wrought iron balconies in the French Quarter, and some of the buildings at Loyola University.

Night Life
Bourbon Street is the hub of the frantic, seven-days-a-week night life. Here's a shot of the Cat's Meow looking very quiet on a Sunday Morning, and the view from the Balcony that evening. On the right, just one float from a Saturday night parade.

This jazz band were playing outside the Saint Louis Cathedral for a wedding. Afterwards they led a procession of the guests through the streets to the reception.

On the Bayou
We took a boat trip on Bayou Segnette, to view the marsh scenery. Alligators hibernate in the winter but we managed to find this one which had come out to bask in the afternoon sunshine. Other wildlife seen included pelicans, herons, vultures, nutria-rats (Looks like a coypu to me) and snakes.

The free ferry across from New Orleans to Algiers provides a good view of the river traffic and the city, unless you choose a humid day!

The famous Streetcar Named Desire no longer runs, but there are two routes still operational with another one to come soon. On the left, an Australian tram on the fairly new Riverfront route. Centre and right, the beautifully looked after seventy-year old equipment running on the Saint Charles route. This line runs 24 hours a day and is busy with tourists and locals.

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