Postcards - September 2003

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St. John's Beacon

Construction of St. John's Beacon was completed in 1969, as part of the St John's Shopping Centre complex in Liverpool's City Centre - Basically it hides the boiler flues! The top is 450 feet above sea level. In the '70s it housed a revolving restaurant, it was closed during the eighties except for a brief re-opening as a space-themed restaurant, and it is now the home of local radio stations Radio City and Magic 1548. The tower affords superb views of the city and beyond, and when I visited I could see as far as the Great Orme and Blackpool Tower.
Just below the tower is Williamson Square, currently a building site. I'm told the construction work is in preparation for the installation of some kind of sculpture.
Left: The view towards the pier head with the Liver Building in the middle. At the bottom right you can see the remains of the old Post Office which is now just a shell, as it has been for many years.

Right: Looking further down the river towards the windmills at Seaforth just discernible in the distance. The tunnel mouth is behind the row of trees in the right foreground.
Left: Paddy's Wigwam. Exactly in the middle of the picture is the Adelphi Hotel and to its left, the new student accommodation blocks which should have been finished last week. I'm told the students are being put up in hotels!

Right: The Anglican Cathedral with the river behind. The hill on the horizon is at Helsby.
Left: Looking North: St. Johns Garden with the Liverpool Museum behind, and Scottie Road heading off into the distance. Incidentally, the nearest flyover, running from behind the museum, is the one scheduled for demolition as part of the Merseytram project.

Right: Looking East: Lime Street station. The white structure top right is the Art Deco Littlewoods Building.

28 September 2003

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