Postcards - May 2004

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Transport Ancient and Modern?

I took a little trip into Cheshire to see this special train which ran a shuttle service between Altrincham and Chester through the pleasant Cheshire countryside...

... and then on to the Aviation Park at Manchester Airport to see their new exhibit, Concorde G-BOAC.

It is ironic to note which of these modes of transport is still operational.
2nd May 2004

A Visit To Nottingham

I headed to Nottingham to visit friends. We had time to look round the City - Here's the famous pub "Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem" which is reputed to be the oldest pub in England. The interior is partly in caves in the rock behind the pub.
On the right is another well known local tourist attraction, Robin Hood.
8th May 2004
Nottingham has recently gained a flashy tram system, and I took the opportunity to explore it thoroughly.
9th May 2004

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