Postcards - May 2004 - Prague

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I went with a group of friends on a 50th birthday bash (not mine) to visit Prague. We found a beautiful city with friendly people, spectacular architecture, good food and cheap beer. What more could one ask for?
Here's a few examples of the buildings we saw, including (bottom left) a more modern one with an intriguing tram maintenance vehicle in front.

The National Museum has a splendid interior. It's a traditional museum with rooms full of cases containing rows and rows of rock samples and fossils.

The old town square is a centre of tourist activity, and a crowd gathers every hour to watch the figures move on this clock.

Another big tourist attraction is the Karluv Most (King Charles Bridge).

The cathedral is situated on a hill overlooking the town.

Praha has an extensive standard gauge tram system, both in the old centre and in the suburbs. We also saw a museum tram (bottom left).
The spotless metro system is fairly modern - the first part opened in 1974 and Hloubertin (bottom right) opened in 2001. The trains are Russian-built.

For our final tourist activity we rode the funicular up to this viewing tower from which you can get good views of the cathedral (bottom left) and the city with its bridges (bottom right).
In conclusion I would like to say happy birthday and thanks for organising the trip to John. I would recommend a visit to Prague to anyone, and I will certainly be going again.
13th to 16th May 2004

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