Postcards - September 2004 - The Falkirk Wheel

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A charter train hauled by "Peak" class locomotive 45112 took me from Warrington to Scotland. The antique locomotive provided a splendid performance over Shap and Beatock summits.
The destination of the trip was the Falkirk Wheel. The world's only rotating boat lift was built as a millenium project to re-connect the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. They were previously linked by a flight of eleven locks, but this was dismantled in 1933.

Here you can see the wheel in action. One half rotation takes one "gondola" containing water and boats up and another one down. Archimedes' principle means that both gondolas weigh the same, no matter how many boats are in them.
On the left is a close up of one end of the gondola in mid rotation. You can see the gate which keeps the water in while in transit. On the right is a view from the bow of the boat as it approaches the upper gondola along the aquaduct.
18th September 2004.

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