Isle of Man

I took a quick trip to the Isle of Man. The main purpose of the visit was not tourism, but I did find time for a whistle stop tour, starting with a view of Douglas Bay from the southern side.

At the south-west corner of the island is the scenic Calf of Man.

At Laxey is the Great Laxey Wheel which I visited years ago, but since then they've acquired this smaller wheel as well.

A tram on the Manx Electric Railway.

Back at Douglas a horse tram completes its run along the promenade.

Time to go, and the Superseacat leaves a long wake as it pulls out of Douglas Harbour.

Back at Liverpool and a chance to see the first cruise liner to use the new cruise terminal at the pier head.

Also a good chance to photograph the new temporary landing stage for the Mersey Ferry. This has, at last, replaced the one which sank early last year.

9 September 2007

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