Carnforth Depot Open Day

Carnforth railway depot, located on the West Coast Main Line north of Lancaster, was one of the last British Rail depots to maintain steam engines. Since then it has had a chequered history, including a period spent as a museum called "Steamtown". More recently it has become the headquarters of West Coast Railways, the largest operator of one-off and regular steam and diesel hauled special trains in the country.

I visited the open weekend here and found an impressive selection of WCR's own trains and visiting locos to look at.

Preserved Class 86 number 86259 is certified for main line operation.

An impressive line-up of engines in steam outside the main shed.

Carnforth has a large stock of derelict trains, awaiting restoration or scrapping. Here's a very tatty class 47.

This "fireless" steam engine is looking very scruffy.

Direct Rail Services, another private operator, provided a long line-up of their beautifully maintained locos for the open day.

July 2008

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