Go Superlambananas 08

The original SuperLambBanana sculpture arrived in Liverpool in 1998, and has featured on these pages before, in 2003. For the Capital of Culture year she was joined by 120 or so smaller versions, each one individually designed by artists, local community groups and companies. They were scattered at various locations around the City, making it difficult to see them all, but for just a couple of days many of them were herded together on St George's Plateau ready to be sent to the slaughter- auction house.

Speaking personally, I thought this was the most interesting and enjoyable of all the events of Capital of Culture, and it is perhaps a shame that a more permanent exhibition could not be arranged. On the plus side, a large sum of money was raised by auctioning off the flock, and many of them are still visible at their various new homes.

The original sculpture had a ten year display licence after which it must be returned to the sculptor, but happily he has agreed to create a replica for permanent display in Liverpool.

68. The Best Of British

99. Peel

28. Rocksy

53. Baa Baa Braille Sheep

86. Roy G Biv

34. Lambline

102. Bloomin' Lamb Banana (Petal), and LambMapBanana

19. Mona

42. Superfitbanana

56. Push Me Pull Ewe

54. Green Lamb

114. Superstegbanana

122. Tiger In The Woods

95. Super St Domingo Lamb Banana

20. Supergrassbanana

September 2008

Of course, the exciting climax of the event was the brief visit of a rare live lambanana to Liverpool. Unfortunately I missed my chance to see her but here's a few clips of news footage:

P.S. Not really an important point, but the original mother is spelt SuperLambBanana, while the flock have only one b and one capital - Superlambanana.

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