Hong Kong (Part One)


A large busy modern city centre has its share of contemporary architecture, of course.


These trams provide a busy frequent service along the length of the built up part of Hong Kong Island.

I spotted these workers trying to undertake track repairs in between passing service trams.

The Peak Tram

A famous tourist attraction is this cable-powered funicular taking people up Hong Kong Peak.

The top of the Peak provided views across the city despite the grey conditions.

Water Transport

Many ferry services run to the mainland and other islands from the central pier on Hong Kong island.

At Kowloon Point on "the other side", this clock tower stands surrounded by modern architecture.

A night time crossing gives excellent views of the illuminated buildings.

Lei Yue Mun

Lei Yue Mun Fort, built in 1887, is the site of the Museum of Coastal Defence which describes the defence of the Island over six centuries. The fort was in use until after the second world war.

The top of the fort provides views of the water, busy with ships of all sizes, and of the surrounding countryside.

At the bottom of the hill, torpedoes were launched from this bunker to defend against sea-born attack.

December 2007

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